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Home 4th of July picnic Law suite against Ron Edwards

Created 8-13-09,   Revised  None


Below is a lawsuit that was brought against Ron Edwards. Ron had Susan Dillon

make a banner or a sign for this picnic, Ron refused to pay her for it, so she took

him (not the Township) to court and won. The address on this lawsuit is the

Township hall address, but Ron paid this lawsuit with a personal check.


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 After the law suit was settled Ron went back to the office and preceded to find a

unpaid personal property tax bill from four years ago.

Keep in mind that this business had moved to Northville four years before this lawsuit. 

How much effort went into finding this tax bill?

How many other tax bills have been missed or passed over?


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Here is the bill that Ron sent her that she was to pay

immediately with penalty and interest.


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The paperwork for the taxes Ron found.

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This letter was written by Diane Tedder, Susan Dillon's accountant. 

It's written to Steve Mann the Township Supervisor at the time.

She is complaining about Ron Edwards revenge for losing the lawsuit.

My question is why didn't Steve do anything about this,

or did and does he approve of this kind of behavior?


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"Using his position to handle his personal vendettas".

At this point no one knew if this was Ron Edward's revenge or Township revenge.

We now know that this is a Township event, and is this how Ron deals with those

who will not donate to the township picnic and maybe also the fireworks.

How many times has Ron done this to township businesses?